Tripped, Fell, landed in a Secret Level

Right now I’m in the middle of a move. We’re not going far, just a few blocks within the same neighborhood, but that basically means that we’re lugging as much as we can up the street each day to save on how much the movers are going to cost us. Small stuff, mostly, various lighter boxes, and some furniture. Figures that I finally have a great excuse to stay in and not leave the house ever, and I’m going out multiple times a day – can’t be helped, though… this was in motion long before the lockdown orders.

This also means that I don’t have a lot of time to play these old-ass games, so anticipate some gaps between posts. Can’t be helped either, but today I did have the chance to take a break, sit down in the new place, and play a bit more of the Shores of Hell.

Completely by accident, I found my way to the episode’s secret bonus level, The Mysterious Fortress.

Right away I find myself in the middle of a big chamber surrounded by Barons of Hell. I was fortunate in that each alcove held ammo for each of my weapons, so I was able to finish them off with rockets and the plasma gun – but right after I did, I found a cluster of Cacodemons in the next room. Optimal strategy would have been to open their door, let them in, and let a massive battle ensue, saving myself a lot of health and ammo. There’s even a clue for this, in the form of a Cacodemon corpse in the middle of the floor.


I also jetted out of the last level too soon – should have explored it more thouroughly – because after I was done, I moved on to the next. I’m not a completionist, but because I found the secret exit right away I feel like I missed out on the level.

That’s too bad.

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