GZDoom has so many options

So yesterday DOOM3 BFG’s version of DOOM didn’t feel like DOOM for a few small reasons, most notably that I hadn’t been playing it on too low a difficulty level. Additionally I wasn’t entirely happy with the “updated” audio. Fortunately u/pokey10002 on Reddit recommended I download GZDoom and give that a try.

GZDoom is, essentially, an enhanced source port for DOOM, DOOM II, Hexen, Heretic, and a few other similar games. It’s not a remake, you still need the (legally obtained) commercial IWAD files to play the game.

Now, GZDoom has a ton of configuration options. I’m looking to recapture the feeling of playing the original game, buuuuuut I might want to play around with it after, and show off a few of the mods and community created .wad files floating around out there.

So today’s going to be spent tweaking config options to get the game to feel as close to the original as possible.

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