Goodbye Phobos

Today I wrapped up the latter half of Knee Deep in the Dead – Phobos Lab, Central Processing, Computer Station, and Phobos Anomaly. Man, that last mission brought back memories.

There are just so many monsters on Ultra-Violence, they just can’t help but get in each others way. Really changes up gameplay and strategy, trying to maximize the infighting, using Demons as shields, trying to activate as many as possible at the same time while running backwards through the level.

I won’t say I ran the whole episode without dying, but it was a lot easier than I remember it being. Maybe I’m just more patient.

The level design is something special, especially the parts where you can see sections you won’t get to for awhile. Works as foreshadowing within the context of the FPS metaphor. I’m still rubbish at finding secrets, but that’s okay.

What I didn’t remember: No Plasma Gun or BFG in this episode. Rockets is as good as you get, and I didn’t need to hoard them as much as I did. Running out of ammo wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be in general – guess I’m more used to Survival Horror games where avoiding enemies to conserve resources is a concern.

In Doom though? Nah, light ‘em up.

I think for now I’ll keep running through the Doom Episodes, since I’m in the groove for it. The Shores of Hell is next, and I’m sure I must have played it… but nothing comes to mind when I try to remember. Maybe I just skipped to Doom II?

Well, first time or not, Shores of Hell are next.

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