Friday, October 1, 2021

Matter of Import 77: Talbot [ADK 1982]


Talbot was an early 1982 maze game produced by Alpha Denshi, a company that would later go on to find success producing games like World Heroes for SNK. In Talbot you play a rabbit breeder whose bunnies have escaped. You have to recapture them with the help of your faithful dog - a talbot, the breed for whom the game is named - before the poachers capture them.

Each round plays out a bit like Ali Baba or Lupin, but with rabbits instead of treasure. You and the computer controlled poachers try to grab as many of the rabbits as possible before the round’s time runs out - if you have more, you win, and move on to the next round. The more rabbits you collect the more slowly you move, and if you come into contact with poachers anywhere but in your own hutch - where they can try to steal rabbits you’ve already collected - you lose a life.

You do have the aid of your faithful Talbot, however, who is roaming the maze with you. With the tap of a button you can instruct him to set a trap that will slow down rabbits or poachers that pass through.

While the graphics are a bit primitive for a 1982 arcade title, the premise is certainly unique, as is the mechanic of the independent dog character wandering the maze with you. It’s by no means a great game but worth playing once or twice, certainly.

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