Monday, September 13, 2021

Playing Catch Up

 Hey guys, you may have noticed that the blog hasn't kept up with the YouTube series. We're at nearly 80 Matter of Import videos, meaning that the site here is - yeah - 25 episodes behind. No worries, I'll be catching us up at the rate of one review a day until we're caught up sometime in late September or early October.

A few changes are in the works. One, we're focusing on Matter of Import for now, uploading 2 new reviews per week. Two, we've launched a patreon. Supporters will have access to the full gameplay videos recorded when preparing the reviews. And with sufficient support, we'll start adding new video content - series on the weird history of the industry, deep dives, romhack reviews, and the like.

So if you enjoy Blown Cartridges content, consider becoming a patreon supporter.

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