Friday, February 19, 2021

Matter of Import 037: Sky Love [OEC 1979]


Sky Love is another 1979 fixed screen shooter, this one from OEC. The player controls just like the gun in Space Invaders, though the enemy waves are vastly different. There are only a handful of enemies on the screen at a time, and each has its own movement pattern, a different means of darting across the screen while you try to shoot them.

In early waves you simply need to kill one of each, but as you go on you face more foes – though only ever one of each type, and all types are present at the start.

The graphics are particularly primitive, blocky even by 1979 standards, and monochrome with colored screen overlays. Despite this gameplay isn't that bad, with enemy ships moving and darting in quick patterns, difficult to anticipate and only getting faster.

A nice touch here is that you can, if you manage, hit the enemy ships fire with your own.

Taking the decidedly simple graphics and decent enough gameplay into account, Sky Love is a solid C title for 1979's arcade offering... nothing terrible, but nothing special, and certainly no competition for the year's stronger coin-op cabinets.

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