Sunday, February 7, 2021

Matter of Import 022: Hustle Chumy (SG-1000, 1984)


In Hustle Chumy you control Chumy the rat who is running around a sewer looking for food and trying to avoid the bats, gators, cats, ninjas, and mecha-dinos that one typically encounters under the streets of any major city. And, like all rats, the more you eat the slower you move, and the more range you get with your fireballs.

 Controls are typical of girder and platform single screen games, with the added twist of your character slowing down as you progress, and after a large meal I can imagine that most of us would sympathize. Your jumping speed is always the same, however, and that helps a lot – after you've eaten all the food in a sewer you need to return to your Chumy hole to advance to the next stage.

I sincerely hope I never have to say Chumy Hole in any context ever again.

The sprites are cute, if primitive in that SG-1000 solid color way, especially considered to the Famicom games being released at the same time. Each enemy type has a unique behavior – the bats sort of flap around and can be ignored unless you need to climb a ladder or jump, the cats are slow but have the same sudden pouncing leaps you have, the ninjas need three hits to kill, and the mecha-dinos are relentless, remorseless, non-stopping killing machines.

It's not a bad game, not too frustrating, easy to pick up, and with variation between levels. Fun enough for a C rating, so give it a try if you're ever in the mood to eat what floats by your Chumy Hole.

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