Blown Cartridges started in 2019 as an excuse for two old-ass gamers to get together every other weekend to play old-ass games. We were making retrogame let's plays then, but the pandemic put an end to that soon enough.

It continued as a solo project because, evidently, I don't know how to have fun without it turning into a project. 

Matter of Import

What it eventually evolved into was Matter of Import, reviews of games that'd never been released in the US in a rough chronological order. Console games only, because computer games would be *endless* and it's difficult to figure out which regions arcade games were legitimately available in.

Why on blogger? Seems to be where all the cool retrogamers are hanging out.

Each game is played and evaluated based on its historical importance and gameplay. The latter is in terms of how fun or frustrating the title is to play in 2021 compared to its contemporaries. This yields a ranking from S to F

S: Special tier. The best of the best. Classics who are so foundational that they influenced all that came after even in markets they never reached.

A: Good games. One of the best for its generation, or a good game with historical importance. Maybe a foundational game that was only average.

B: Rock solid game of some note. Not too frustrating to modern players, at least compared to its contemporaries.

C: Middle of the road. Fun enough that I might play it if the right mood strikes me, or one of note that is worth suffering through to understand.

D: Not worth it. Little historical import, little play value.

F: A failure. Barely a game, or so incomprehensible and poorly designed that it might not be one.

As of February 2021 I have not rated any games as an S or an F, but I'm sure they'll eventually arrive.

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