Saturday, February 6, 2021

Matter of Import 019: Space Slalom (SG-1000, 1983)


Space Slalom is a simple... I don't want to call it racing... game for the SG-1000. It controls somewhat like a shooter without any shooting, or like a skiing game set in space. You fly your ship through the star gates – which is way less interesting than it sounds – and avoid the weird blippy thing that will slow you down if you hit it.

Like in other racing games the goal is to complete the course before time runs out, without missing too many star gates. And that's it. Different stages have different patterns of gates, and give you less time, and may have fewer of those blippy things... but that's it.

The art is just as simple, with only your ship having the slightest bit of detail. If not for that Space Slalom could easily have been mistaken for a low-grad Atari game. I could understand something like this being built into the system as a bonus game, but no – this was a sold-separately commercial product, released the same year that Donkey Kong was released on the Famicom.

I'd give this one an F ranking, but it qualifies as a game, if only barely. It's a D minus.

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